A Year at Clove Brook Farm

A Year at Clove Brook Farm

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Christopher Spitzmiller is known to his many friends and Instagram fans as the ultimate weekend farmer, who raises his own chicks, grows his own flowers, and puts up his own jam, cider, and honey. In his first book, he treats readers to a full year at his country retreat, Clove Brook Farm. 

Gardening, Tending Flocks, Keeping Bees, Collecting Antiques, and Entertaining Friends

Filled with tips on creating beautiful seasonal flower arrangements, living with animals, and garden planning, this is a wonderful resource and gift for anyone longing for farmstead living.

Above description from Rizzoli New York

Why We Love This Book

 Gardening, recipes, animals, interiors and everything in between. Need I say anymore. A Year at Clove Brook Farm, will have your hands in the dirt and your heart yearning to make simpler choices and take in the beauty around you. As someone who enjoys gardening and taking in natures beauty, this book speaks directly to me. With the turn of each page you will be gifted knowledge of flowers, wonderful recipes to try, tips for decorating, and even how Christoper hatches chicks each Spring. appreciate what each season has to offer after spending "A Year at Clover Brook Farm."

Product Details

By Christopher Spitzmiller

Hardcover: 240 pages, 8.85 "W x 11.25 "H x 1.04 "D