Welcome to Fleming Lane

Welcome to Fleming Lane!

We believe that your home should be a beautiful reflection of the things and styles you love. But, that you should never sacrifice comfort, or warmth, to have that beautiful home.

On Fleming Lane, you will find a selection of our favorite home furnishings, decor and tabletop items that we hope you love just as much as we do. Take your time and be selective. Your home should be filled with things that excite and inspire you, pieces that give you life. Everything you will find here hhas been carefully selected with love. These are the items that we move from room to room, because having them in one place just isn't enough!

Whether you work 9 to 5, are a stay home mom or wife, and anything in between, if you long to create a home that invokes feelings of beauty and comfort, Fleming Lane is for you! We love spending our days listening to French cooking music while we prepare dinner for our family, flipping through design books, saving our favorite images from our favorite designers and spending our weekends browsing consignment stores. 

We hope that you love our selection as much as we do and we can wait to continue bringing you pieces to inspire you to make your daily life and home beautiful. 

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