Manageable and Magical: Pre-Holiday Home Clean

pre-holiday home clean

With the holidays quickly approaching, contemplating tidying up before and after hosted gatherings can be daunting. I realize a perfectly clean home is not always practical. However, taking time now for a pre-holiday clean should save you time through the remainder of the season. I am confident the following tips will help your daily cleaning become more manageable and magical. 

How To: Pre-Holiday Home Clean


Prior to decorating a cozy home for the holidays, I like to establish a tidy foundation. To do this, I move between different areas of my home and assess each space individually. When deciding whether to keep an item, the most important question I ask myself is whether it serves me and my family well. If not, I either donate, sell, or toss the item. I always keep a basket nearby to collect items destined for new life.

For me, a pre-holiday clean is a great opportunity to take inventory of pet and child toys. I find it helpful to be aware of what they already have as I start thinking about their Christmas presents.

pre-holiday home clean


To maintain our floors, my most highly recommended gadgets include the Dyson Animal Vacuum and Bona Hardwood Mop

After several years, the high quality of my Dyson Animal Vacuum continues to last. I find it perfect for deep cleaning a home with pets and children. Additionally, I appreciate how easy it is to use for quick touch ups in high traffic areas, such as my kitchen runner or areas around my front & back door. Moreover, I like to add a few drops of my favorite essential oil to a cotton ball and place it in the vacuum bin for a refreshing scent. 

My Bona Hardwood Mop is another secret to keeping my floors clean on a daily basis. Although the idea of mopping every week is ideal, it is not realistic. What works for me is to mop our floors well during our pre-holiday clean. Afterward, we simply maintain with a wet mop! 


Your pre-holiday clean is a great opportunity to freshen your refrigerator, pantry, and spice rack. Toss expired items, organize kept items, and wipe away any residue. Holiday cooking and baking requires a plethora of ingredients (hello, butter!), so cleaning in advance of festivities will leave you with adequate space to store all essential ingredients, as well as delicious leftovers!

Infrequently Used Spaces

I suggest thinking about spaces in your home that receive little to no traffic. For example, a formal dining room used for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner may require furniture dusting or silver polishing. Guest bedrooms may need fresh sheets, while guest bathrooms may require a deep clean. Just before guests arrive, all you will need to focus on are simple touch ups, as well as fun details such as a fresh flower arrangement or a thoughtful toiletry basket! 


We hope you found these tips helpful and inspiring. Tidiness should help you unwind and enjoy your space. I like to keep in mind, however, beautiful memories are made in the messes of life. Do not let cleaning prevent you from enjoying the imperfect moments! Soak in the toys strewn across the floor (maybe not the painful legos!), that crayon mark on the wall that drives you crazy, and everything in-between. They are all blessings that make home, home. 

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