Bedside Table Essentials: What's On Our Nightstand

When decorating our home, it is easy to focus on high traffic spaces with which family and friends interact most. However, it is important to remember the smaller spaces contributing to our personal, daily routine. My bedside table is the first and last piece I interact with each day; thus, it is important this space brings me joy and serves me well. On Fleming Lane, we demonstrate a beautiful and practical approach to decorating your bedside table with a few essential items.

bedside table photo

Elegant lamp

Good lighting can make or break a room. Fortunately, lack of natural lighting is easily compensated with the addition of artificial. Keep in mind, however, that proportions matter. Your lamp of choice should be scaled appropriately to your bedside table. Here, we rounded up a few of our current favorite options.bedside table lamps

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Framed photo

Your bedside table is an opportunity to highlight items meaningful to you. My loved ones center my world. Thus, I perceive frames as a lovely way to showcase sentimental family photographs. I found the Aberdeen Frame to be the perfect accent to my bedside table as it contrasts well with my relatively white and bright space.


bedside table Aberdeen Frame

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Tray for miscellaneous Items

A small tray on your bedside table is advantageous as it decreases visible clutter. I use my tray as a catch all for jewelry such as my wedding band, watch, or earrings I forgot to remove earlier in the evening. Here, we listed a couple of notable trays that will help organize your space. Email us at customerservice@fleminglane to order our Silver Tray.

bedside table


bedside table trays

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A good book

Often juxtaposed on my bedside table, you will find a fresh glass of water and my devotional. They remind me, both literally and figuratively, that we cannot serve others without filling our own cup first. Additionally, my bedside table often features a rotation of classic and contemporary reads. I am currently enjoying Home Sweet Maison: The French Art of Making a Home by Danielle Postel-Vinay.

 bedside table

Bedside tables constitute smaller spaces with potential for great impact. We recommend the addition of an elegant lamp, a framed photo, a tray for miscellaneous items, and a good book. At the start and end of your busy day, we are confident this minimalist approach will inspire a sense of calm and rejuvenation. We would love for you to share your favorite bedside item in the comments below.


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