5 Ideas for Using Your Rush Basket in Different Rooms of Your Home

We love using baskets in our home to hide away things that would otherwise be piled up in the corner. Our Rush Basket is our favorite basket to use in just about any space. It makes even the most cluttered clutter look beautiful and that's what we are all about! 

If you are need for storage that will last a lifetime and still be chic in 20 years, we've got you covered! Today On the Lane, we are sharing 5 Ideas for Using Your Rush Basket to organize and beautify space in your home!

Store Towels in Your Pool House

Can you tell Summer is already on our mind? We can't wait to spend time at the pool this summer. Using your Rush Basket is the perfect way to store pool towels in your pool house. Roll your towels, place them in your rush basket and let your guests help themselves! At the end of the day they can toss their towels in the empty basket and all you have to do is toss them in the wash!

Decorative Pillows In Your Bedroom

We love filling our bed with extra decorative, plush pillows. While this isn't completely necessary, we are sticklers for a perfectly made bed. At the end of the day, removing them on the bed is made easy with your Rush Basket near by. Place your decorative pillows in your basket overnight to store them safely.

Toys in Common Areas, Playroom or Bedrooms

Toys galore! Whether they are for your babies or your fur babies, they tend to wind up all over the house! We use our rush basket to round up toys at the end of the day or during nap time. They keep them conveniently located but store away in a pretty manner. It's also a great way to teacher your children to put home back when they are done and a great reminder for mom and dad too!

Throw Blankets in Your Living Room

Watching a movie at night just isn't the same without a cozy blanket! Keeping a few extra throws on hand is a great idea just in case anyone gets a little chilly. Storing them in your Rush Basket int he corner is the perfect way to keep them close but put away!

Workout Equipment in the Chicest of Exercise Rooms

Let's be real, we probably aren't this cool but we kind of wish we were! Treat yourself by moving your Rush Basket to your exercise room to house your yoga mat, bands, hand towels and whatever else you need to contain!

5 Ideas for Using Your Rush Basket in Different Rooms in Your Home

Shoes by the Door or Mudroom

Fur Baby Jackets, Leashes and Booties

Backpacks and Other Miscellaneous Bags

The list goes on...

We hope you enjoyed these ideas for using your Rush Basket in different rooms of you home! Now that we shared how we use our Rush Basket, how will you use yours? Let us know in a comment below!


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